A small village in Drama, Greece with great paths

The picturesque village aspires to become an attraction for hiking and mountaineering tourism fans

It is another one of the small picturesque villages of Greece that often even the map does not mention. But it has managed to become a reference point for those seeking moments of relaxation, walking on structured deep-shaded paths or for those seeking adventure and adrenaline, “conquering” high altitudes and high peaks. The small village of Granitis belongs to the municipality of Kato Nevrokopi in Drama and has evolved from an ordinary “passage” to the top “destination” of the region -if not a hub- for alternative tourism, with an extensive and certified network of 30 km of trails. It is no coincidence that every September the popular mountain running races “Granitis Trail” are organized there, with the participation of hundreds of athletes from Greece and abroad.

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